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Ok so first thing you need to do is find a nice Christmas head flat in a market or in a shop then make a mould by using the technique of the gelatin , place your subject face up on a right size container then pour the gelatin(with out water ) on top until the gelatin is over the subject ,after putting all in fridge remove the subject ,pour your chocolate couverture inside your gelatin mould that you just made, place it in a fridge for 1 to 2 hours then remove your chocolate and you just have to start again putting your chocolate Christmas head on a container face up and pouring the silicon over it, why chocolate because it’s more easy to take out and in case you even can melt it or wash it .
 did you get it ,no ok so buy the mould in a pastry store as they probably have it or call me on Skype and I will explain one more time, how to do.
 Skype name is letlet10681.
 or if you have some good silicone you can just do it directly with your subject head face up witch you need to oil or just soak it in a water, it’s depend on what material is your subject ,then find the right size container with you subject inside face up and pour the silicone on top ,wait to dry ,remove subject and started to use it .
 All of this to begin with ,ok after that you make some pastillage ,for me I do not have a recipe for pastillage ,I just soak some gelatin in cold water then I put my icing sugar in a mixer and then I know which amount I will need to melt gelatin (with water ),then you mix and you can see what do you need ,more melt gelatin or more icing sugar usually I will had corn starch ,after that pour the pastillage in your new mould and take out right away ,is for this that you need a flexible silicone then add the wooden stick, same the photo and started to make the body ,the legs ,the feet, the arms, (I’m using the mould (arms and hands) from the chocolate snow man pcb) then the next day when all is dry, almost !! air brush on a head and hands ,time to make the final touch for the legs and arms in white ,follow up by the last decoration with royal icing to finish the deco on a jacket ,(you can put the sugar for the body if you like .
 I hope you enjoy this one, all the best and if you don’t understand nothing then call me on skype or facebook, see you soon.