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World Chocolate Masters 2009 (Paris) from 13 to 16 of October 2009

First, we need to come back on the WGA 2008 (Macau) competition where all of this story started which was on November where Mr. Ha Veng won the gold medal with his Chocolate show piece and cake.

This competition was organized by Mr. Christophe Duvernois, Mr. Raimund Pichlmaier, Mr. David Wong and myself, under the Chef association of Macau

And it was on a last day that Mr. Teoh Joo Cheong from DKSH (China) asked me if I had a participant who could go for the World chocolate Masters pre-selection in Shanghai, since I really like this idea I talked right away to Christophe, Executive Pastry Chef of City of Dream (Macau) and Luc Capus, Executive Pastry Chef of the Wynn (Macau),after they almost killed me for this idea ha ha ha …... as the pre-selection was on January, it was quite short to train, but I knew that with Luc in charge at the Wynn and the support of Christophe, Mr. Kawakami Executive Pastry Chef at the Tower, and myself, we could do it .

And after Ha Veng won the pre-selection in Shanghai, we where busy preparing for the final in Paris which just finished this week where Ha Veng finished number 10, which is the best score for China, as, last time, China finished 16, this year they had 19 competitors, well done Ha Veng for this very exciting 10 place with all the exposures from Discovery channel, French TV and local newspapers, note to mention Mrs. Slassi, the designer of the Hat for the World Chocolate Masters who will visit Macau in a near future

Our trip to France

We left Macau on October 8th with Ha Veng, Luc and myself in a boat direction Hong-Kong, with 7 kg. Of fragile chocolate items hand carry each, and a luggage of 20 kg. Each, it was a pleasant 1 hour ride to Hong-Kong. Then we took the 13 hours plane to Paris without problem. At our arrival in Paris, we checked the boxes and nothing was broken, then we took the taxi and went directly to the Ecole de la Boulangerie in Bercy where we started to work right away. Over there, we met the Russian, English, Japan, Austria, Thailand and Mexico teams. Teoh joined us. We work there for four days before our transfer to Salon du Chocolat Porte de Versailles, in a boot of China where Ha Veng worked for two days, 14 and 15

1st day of competition

On 14th it was a busy day for Ha Veng because he had to finish and present his show piece in three hours. Next to his boot, was the French competitor and it's true that it was a lot of drama on this day as some of the French show pieces collapsed after more than two hours' work, but with strong determination and hard work, he managed to present his show piece in time, but of course, it was not totally finished. As we were just opposite to Ha Veng's boot, to watch and support him, I don't know which one was more stressed Ha Veng or Luc, Theo or me, the contestant doing his show piece with the 19 Judges checking, not to mention the three TV asking questions at the same time or us worrying for him, but being unable to do anything

Ha Veng managed to finish 99 % of his show piece but all the judges agreed that he was the contestant with the best new techniques on that day, and said all his work was very clean

Since we were the first group to start on 14th, after Ha Veng finished his show piece, we had 45 minutes to clear the boot, in order to give the place clean to the next contestant.

2nd day of competition

On 15th, it was the hard day for Ha Veng as he needed to produce 40 chocolate praline, molded chocolate, seven deserts plated, two cakes and a hat chocolate show piece. Eleven hours working straight, with no time for lunch or even toilets, and I must say Ha Veng did very well, his praline was outstanding as well as the plated deserts which were superb. The cakes were very nice. The hat was OK, but it may explain the final score. So overall, it was a great experience for all of us and we did learn a lot in a process to become stronger, and hope to come back in two years to take the first place for China. This year, the first one was Japan; the second place was U.S.A. and the third place Germany. Well done for all the contestants for their dedication and hard work during this competition to give us a great show.

Thank you to my sponsor DKSH who gave me the opportunity to coach and assist the China team in the best conditions.

Many thanks to Sharon, Fobbie and Luc for all the logistic, and all my friends working on this project, Christophe, Kawakami, Luc and Teoh.
I hope you will enjoy all the videos and photos on my website.
See you.