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Hello to all of you guys,

Since I was very disappointed ,that I could not do the Hofex competition this year in Hong Kong, due to some health problem , when I receive an e-mail from the pastry alliance from Philippines for an invitation to participate in there competition Wofex on a 4 of august 2011 he makes me thinking , well since we will be there for our vacation, it will be nice to do it, but of course without disturbing to much the family holiday (my wife would kill me ) lol ...
But with the job getting busy on that time, I really started to work late on my show piece, it was on a 6 of august and since we where fling on a 28 of august ,it was more job, time and effort that I anticipate and I wanted to thanks my wife for all the support she give me ,and I'm thinking of all the future mof preparing for the big day ,training for up to 18 month ,let me tell you there wife's must be bullet proof .
but when you carve, you know when you start but you don't know when you will finish ,so thank you to my team for there support, (with out them I could not do all of this ) as well Tony Miller he was the pastry chef at the new Mandarin Macau, great pastry chef ,one of the best US pastry chef I met , and as well a big thank you to Luc Capus executive pastry chef of Wynn Macau for his advise (actually when I call him he was ready to go in holiday ,but he did take the time to come to see me, thank you Luc you are the man ) and to Winson my good staff, with out forgetting MR. Constantine a good friend of mind for there good or bad comments.
it's the first time that I did tabler all the 50kg of dark chocolate covertures 55% and I use the blander from the kitchen (you always need the kitchen, but be careful don’t ask your executive chef to help you as he could easily cut his finger as there more pro to read e- mail on a blackberry and action plan ) lol…..
usually I just melt the covertures but never put my covertures a point ,since I wanted to challenge my self this time to see if I was capable to do a real face ,hand and fingers I really need the chocolate to be ready because when your covertures is not tabler properly ,when you will carve it , some part of your chocolate will be like sand so depending what your subject will be, sometimes it’s not good at all .
First I wanted to said that I'm not a artist ,I’m just a pastry chef so for this subject I use a model to look at , just to be clear on that ,for the face , the hand , etc ...... I could not do it so detail with out a model .
So on this chocolate bloc I've add 2 kg of cacao butter ,after few days ,I’ve take out about 40kg of chocolate with my small knife ,that you see on a step by step photo ( my favorite knife given by my Executive chef) , you see sometime they 'r nice !!) at the end my show piece was 10,400kg + about 7 kg of wooden box with the perfect dimension, in case you wanted to put one on a plane to a regular seat like me,(as you can see on a photo it fit perfectly and more big would have been not good news ).
35cm large by 46cm deep by 62cm high and I’m telling you it feet the seat perfectly , I made a special wells table to be place under the wooden box (see photo) which was the great idea of the day for rolling in at the airport fantastic especially with my back ! .

Of course I will pass you the 20 minutes in immigration trying to explain to the custom officer ,that I will not put my show piece horizontally in a X-ray machine like she wanted to (crazy girl ) ,after the police came, they finally give me a other option witch was to use a bigger X-ray machine ,(great ideas) lol…. and all was find ,look like Sebu pacific never saw a show piece on there seat before but for the one who know me almost every thing is possible when I take care ,as I remember half true carving my show piece, I did not have the green light to put it on a plane ,it was yes and then no can not ,only one week before that I receive the lucky phone call ,ok we can do it ,so I was a bit less stress to be honest .
So after planning the idea and theme , then finish to carve the chocolate , put the right colors (as I remember once superb show piece and soon I put the colors on it , ho my god, you will cry it was a big f %$@# mistake so colors are very important ), make built the wooden box ,Take care the transportation issue , one hour driving in a Philippine street can be very challenging , store it for 5 days with air con , yes as when we arrive it was 32degree in a Philippine nice and humid ,then bring it to the venue ,one hour drive again , but I must said my friend bought a brand new white ford Montero sport with two air con ,my hand was frozen it was like a freezer, crazy stuff.
then at last the finishing touch on a table with my big daughter(17 year old ) witch did fantastic job by the way, yes she did wake up at 4 am with me and never show sign of be tired, she enjoy it and I was happy to see her so exited, I think she will go far for sure ,when I sow the other day the cat she draw, I was blowing a way ,as if you can do this with the air brush you will be whoa..any way my show piece was finally on a table safe.
I always said to my staff, the must important is to put your show piece on a table after you win or not it ‘s not so important .
Some tips as a note all the small pieces of chocolate that you take out from your carving can be put on stainless steel tray in a stove at 32degree ,yes 32 degrees and you will see that it become like butter texture perfect to do some retouching on your show piece .
Over all ,very good organization from the Philippine comity, really well organize I must say and so nice people ,I was impress with the weeding cakes competition witch I will post soon as well, Just a bit disappointed with the low participation in a pastry section but over all I can see that we need to count on some strong Pilipino teams now and in a future ,and I must to add ,not like in Hofex (in Hong Kong) if you win gold, you will receive 5000 pesos not bad ,maybe we need to follow this for our WGA annual competition this year in Macau, it will be in COD and organize by Christophe Duvernois executive pastry chef of COD under the Macau chef association .
Well what can I say ,Superb event , Super holiday ,Super weather, what do you want more in life ,ho yes I forgot to mention for the one who wonder what did I do with the show piece after the competition, I give it to the mandarin Manila instead to finish in a bin after 20 hard working days on it I could not let this happen right …..
If you need more info on this show piece look at Wofex on my website where you have 92 photos step by step how to do it ,(because remember you can do it as well, all is in your head if you push your self you will be surprise of what you can do ) or e-mail me directly, or Skype me at letlet10681
PS some peoples will say why you continue to make competition when you already wins 4 gold medals and I will answer, because first I like it and also I did not achieve my goal yet, witch is to win one gold with recognition , for this one you need to have 100 point ,I give you a hint of what I'm looking for at and also to inspire the young generation of pastry chef, yes you will be busy ,yes you will do a lot of hours and yes sometime you will fell a bit down ,but you have one of the best job in a world ,creativity, team spirit, competitiveness, and if you push hard ,you can still make a very good living out of it .
See you all for some new adventures soon